NutriEats Introduces Super Herbs to Fight Stress & Promote Weight Loss

NutriEats Introduces Prime 1 (Anti-Stress Tonic) – A Breakthrough for Health and Wellbeing. Stronger than Stress.

Adaptogens is the name given to a group of PLANTS that have the remarkable ability to combat Stress. In summary Adaptogens are an exceptionally beneficial addition to your daily lifestyle.

Benefits of Prime 1 – Prime 1 benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Helps prevent illness by ensuring a strong immune system.
  • Fights internal inflammation thereby protecting all your organs.
  • Enables the body to adapt to stress;
  • Supports the cardio-vascular system.
  • Help one resist the stresses of life and time.
  • Help release the wellsprings of stamina, energy and vitality.
  • Help in banishing fatigue and increase capacity for work and endurance.
  • Help in restoring body balance, mental and physical well-being

Prime 1 is a proprietary blend of the most potent Adaptogens such as Rhodiola, Siberian Ginseng, Liquorice Root, Cordyceps, Rhaponticum Root and Eleuthero.

Prime 1 is also used to treat Cancer and HIV Patients, as well as Diabetes and Asthma.

Adaptogens is the name given by their discoverer, Doctor I. Brekhman, the acclaimed Russian scientist. Brekhman, head of Institute of Soviet sciences and a team of researchers spent 40 years studying these plants and their effect on the human body. It began by observing the behavior of animals that, prior to going into a stressful situation, like hibernation, gestation, or season change, would eat the certain plants. Thus began the investigation and testing, in some of the most extensive clinical trials in medical history.

“Dr Brekhman’s work with PrimeQuest, represents a genuine scientific breakthrough to enhance and improve health using only natural ingredients. His work and testing is some of the most extensive in medical history, and is a real breakthrough…” Steven Fulder, Ph D. International Authority on natural substances and author OF “The Book Of Ginseng” and others. Oxford. U.K.

As his fame grew Brekhman was called upon to supply his skills and secrets to aspects of culture in which the Soviets wished to excel. His research is considered a key factor in the success of the Russian Space Program. His supplements restored the natural balance to cosmonauts’ bodies that enabled them to withstand the enormous stressors of space travel. Even Uri Gagarin, the first man in space, used Brekhman’s Adaptogens.

In the sports arena, Brekhman’s work was an athlete’s dream: natural supplements that increased energy, stamina and strength. Stamina and endurance were extended to new levels; recovery levels of such magnitude were generated, so athletes could train longer,more often,and more intensely without experiencing fatigue or over training.

Prevention is better than cure. Prime 1 is best added to a stressful daily life to prevent stress-related diseases and the impact of stress on your body. Now Available on our NutriEats Store.

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