Whether you know it or not, It’s likely that someone in your life has suffered from PCOS. PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome refers to a hormonal disorder resulting from small cysts which grow on a woman’s ovaries. It is fairly common, affecting 1 in 5 women.

Well-known personalities such as Victoria Beckham and Emma Thompson have all suffered from PCOS, yet it’s still a topic that is not discussed enough.You, like many people out there, may have never heard of it before you came across this blog post. Many women will go through life not knowing they have it, or not knowing how to go about treating it once they are diagnosed.

While there is no cure for PCOS, you can certainly manage and treat your symptoms. The only known way to do this through weight loss and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. According to studies a “decrease of just 5% of body mass can have a positive impact on PCOS.”

This is a topic that is very important and personal to us at NutriEats because I once suffered from PCOS. I struggled to treat it and for 5 years, I attempted to lose the weight through multiple well-known diets such as the 5:2 diet, the Atkins diet and the blood group diet. Nothing worked. None of these diets are sustainable and I was left frustrated and disheartened.

Once I embraced the NutriEats lifestyle, I lost 25kg in the span of two years and my symptoms disappeared! It was only through a healthy, well-balanced diet and regular exercise, the two key things we espouse here at NutriEats, that I managed to see and feel a difference in my body. I couldn’t be happier!

And I’m not the only one. NutriEats has worked with women who suffer from PCOS, and they have all experienced positive results!

If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed below, or you know someone who does, consult a doctor then come see us.

Common Symptoms

  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Weight gain
  • Acne
  • Difficulty getting pregnant due to lack of ovulation
  • Hair loss
  • Increased hair growth all over the body

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A few weeks ago, after a tiring journey and not much sleep we arrived in Birmingham to attend our first BodyPower Expo!


Despite the fatigue we were very excited to be at the NEC arena, Birmingham. BodyPower is an annual event that hosts the biggest fitness and nutrition brands, providing visitors with lots of information, activities and food. Started in 2009, the expo now attracts over 90,000 visitors across the 3 day period.

We quickly realised that BodyPower is much more than a fitness expo. Every year BodyPower hosts a community of like-minded individuals who celebrate and appreciate healthy, fit, and strong bodies and promote a positive lifestyle. The atmosphere was incredible. We were surrounded by some of the healthiest people in the world who were all on their own individual fitness journeys. Muscles and curves are embraced and appreciated! It felt like everyone was on a natural high.

Once we arrived we were excited to interact with and see some of your favourite brands. We loved seeing USN at the expo. They had an epic stand! As you may know, we recently announced a new partnership with USN Kenya, which we’re very pleased about.

Gym shark was another brand that we were excited to see. Gym Shark was founded in the back rooms of Ben and Lewis’ houses. After realising there was a gap in the market, Ben and Lewis created a niche clothing brand that is tailored to a body builders’ physique. It is now one of the largest fitness apparel brands in the UK. We are inspired by these visionaries!


Sonal, Lainey Bopster, Arjan and Lex Griffin

Meeting some of our favourite athletes was also definitely a highlight. Lex Griffin and his girlfriend Lainy Bopster was amazing and we enjoyed speaking to them! Lex took the time to engage with us and find common ground with everyone who came to his stand despite a very long queue.

Meeting Said Shavarshian was a particularly poignant moment for us. Said is the younger brother of the late fitness legend Zyzz Shavarishian who pioneered the promotion of a fit and healthy lifestyle using his social media platforms.

Zyzz amassed a huge following and has inspired us immensely so it was great to talk to Said and let him know that we feel that Zyzz’s legacy still lives on today. There is a bit of Zyzz that lives on in each one of us.


Arjan and Said Shavarshian


Rich Piana and Arjan

Rich Piana was another important personality that we had the pleasure of meeting.

Rich has built his company 5% Nutrition from the bottom up and is someone we look up to in business and as an athlete.

We love the 5% Nutrition apparel!

The entire arena was literally protein heaven! From ice cream, to protein bars the event served as a huge inspiration for us, especially with the NutriEats recipe book coming soon. One of our favourite protein bars made by Quest Nutrition, were also present. We really admire the way Quest develop their products. You get the sense that they really care about their customers.

Seeing legends such as Ronnie Coleman and CT Fletcher was fantastic. And although we did not get to see him, just knowing that Kai Greene was there was amazing.

Being at BodyPower reinforced something that we strongly believe in: everyone should strive to be the best version of themselves. It was inspiring to be amongst people who have taken their gym mentality and applied it to their personal lives, their businesses and their overall work ethic. It was clear to see that people live and breathe this lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle  that builds self esteem, encourages perseverance and provides you with a strong foundation for all other important life skills. We left the expo feeling very motivated.
NutriEats hopes to be at BodyPower 2017! No matter where you are on your fitness journey, whether you’re looking to lose weight or just get some credible information from top experts-we are sure that you will benefit from attending the expo. Hope to see you there!
Check out more photos from our time at BodyPower on Facebook.


Last Thursday, NutriEats had the pleasure of attending the Artcaffe vegan media tasting event held at the Artcaffe Grand (Westgate).


Last Thursday, NutriEats had the pleasure of attending the Artcaffe vegan media tasting event held at the Artcaffe Grand (Westgate). Artcaffe Grand is the first branch to introduce a vegan menu. On the menu was butternut steak on a bed of lentils and root vegetables, potato gnocchi and seasonal vegetables on eggplant cream, traditional couscous served with vegetables and sweet nuts, grilled zucchini salad and a classic Gazpacho soup served with house focaccia. The food was definitely tasty and very fresh – curated specially by Art’s very own Chef Hammo. We loved all the dishes but particularly the butternut steak!

Neither of us are vegan, but we do promote healthy living and healthy eating. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, the key to making sure you are maintaining a healthy diet is to ensure you are getting enough protein. Here are some sources of protein for vegetarians (not all apply to vegans). For vegans, we suggest protein shakes which ensure you are getting enough protein in your diet.

Some other healthy favourites we recommend at Artcaffe are the Caesar salad (dressing on the side), the sandwiches (without mayo) and the breakfasts (poached eggs without hollandaise or the smoked salmon bagel with the low fat cream cheese!

The event was wonderful and we are happy that Artcaffe is addressing various healthy eating preferences such as the vegan way of life. We highly recommend that you grab a vegan dish next you’re there, you won’t regret it!

Many thanks to SHK Consulting for organising the event!


Our favourite! The butternut steak on a bed of lentils. Photo taken by Jireh Jalipa

Traditional couscous served with vegetables and sweet nuts

Potato gnocchi and seasonal vegetables on eggplant cream


Classic Gazpacho soup served with house focaccia



We started our food Instagram account over 4 years ago, when insta-famous foodies were few and smoothie bowls didn’t exist.

We started our food Instagram account over 4 years ago, when insta-famous foodies were few and smoothie bowls didn’t exist. As time grew by, food art overtook actual nutrition and smoothie bowls became the most gourmet things. Not that we have anything against smoothies and smoothie bowls – in fact we make smoothies all the time ourselves – but the RIGHT WAY.

Whats wrong about them is It’s whats in them and how most people make them. If you look at some of the most popular bowls, they are truly beautiful to look at. Who can not click “like” when you hear it is filled with ‘super-foods’ and has the ‘vegan’ or ‘rawganic’ label attached to it.

But if you break down the typical smoothie bowl to a macronutrient level..ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You may actually get scared because you have been trying to fill your blender with all the superfood, nut butters and fruit in the world.

Here is what you are actually doing that may sabotage your fat loss efforts:


Generally, the Calories are CRAZY!

Go to most Instagram foodie’s smoothie bowl – and this is what you would typically find in a smoothie bowl: Avocado, Almond milk, frozen banana, almond butter, dates, chia seeds, mango, kiwi and chopped nuts. So what are the numbers?

YIKES: This average described smoothie bowl is equal to around 1500 Calories with over 200 grams carbohydrate and 100 grams of fat! WTF?! If you were dieting you basically wouldn’t be able to eat any more in a day and your fat is more than anyone should consume – thats like 100 grams of butter! Now are you crying?!

The Happy Medium – Pick and choose all your ingredients wisely! Aim to go for less calorie-dense bowls using lighter ingredients such as berries and low fat yoghurt.

Where the Hell is the Protein?!

If you have a look at our Instagram page, all the smoothies and smoothie bowls we have ever done have over 20 grams of protein. Since protein should ideally make up 40% of our diet, where is the protein in these smoothie bowls?

YIKES! If you take the smoothie bowl described earlier,you have basically used all your calories on one bowl So if you couldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day, without being in a caloric surplus, you would have only eaten around 5% of your protein requirements. Way off balance! Read about the benefits of protein in our previous blog post! We also a list of top 10 vegetarian sources of protein if you are on the vegetarian diet.


High Carb and Sugary Sweeteners you thought were Good!

a) Fruit

Most people do not know this but fruit contains high amounts of fructose which is still a sugar. Whether you are eating 50 grams of cereal of 50 grams of fruit – sugar is sugar. So all those bowls and plates loaded with fruit are not as “balanced” as you think.

YIKES! A medium-sized banana is nearly 30 grams of Carbohydrate which is the same 7.5 teaspoons of sugar.

The Happy Medium – Limit the number of fruit you have in a day. Berries are lower in calories and carbohydrate and higher in fibre so those are always a better option. We are not saying fruit is bad – there is no denying the vitamins and anti-oxidants – but you still have too much of a good thing to the point the caloric amounts overtake the nutrient benefits.

B) Dried Fruit


All the dates, apricots, raisins, figs, prunes and craisins you add thinking its healthy and will help you loose weight is actually the biggest sugar bomb!

YIKES! With over 83 grams of carbohydrate for only 100 grams and close to 400 calories, you’ve eaten almost 1/4 of your daily calories and over 2/4 of your daily carb requirements! Shocking we know! But maybe this is another reason why you are not loosing weight!

The Happy Medium – You are better off sticking with smaller amounts of fresh fruit that has no added sugar and is less calorie dense!

Are Superfoods really “Super”?

Based on popular use, fads and marketing gimmicks, foods that would be considered ordinary attain “super status”. Much research has shown that there is no evidence that any individual food can significantly affect your metabolic rate or assist with weight loss. Of course, its good to get your greens, vitamins and minerals in if you turn to high sugar “superfood” juices and eating lots of calorie dense items such as chia seeds, sunflower seeds, goji berries etc. These ingredients on top of all the other ones you add to your smoothie bowl are bound to be way over your calories!

YIKES! 100 grams of Chia seeds is 500 calories! Thats already on average 1/4 of most women’s daily caloric intake requirements.

The Happy Medium: You can fill your micro nutrients in less calorie-dense ways. Try having more balanced meals such as a large amount of greens in salads, a limited fruit and if you really want super foods make sure they are portioned!

Healthy Fats are still FAT!

Most foodies go all out when it comes to coconut oil, nut butters and other nuts. Yes these are good for you but at the end of a day – a fat is still a fat! Whether you are eating butter or olive oil, peanut of almond butter, there is still that element of fat which will break down in the same way in your body.

YIKES! 100g of chia seeds has 33 grams of fat which is the same as two and a half tablespoons of butter!


The Happy Medium: Limit the amount of fat you are putting into your smoothie bowl. Ideally – choose one healthy fat at a time and portion it. Also make sure you limit the amount of fat you eat in a day!

SO….To conclude. If you eat too much of anything, even when its a good thing, you will gain FAT! So the next time you try to copy an ‘insta-foodie’s art work, you’ll think twice!

For more information on how to get the right diet for you check out the NutriEats Website( for the right personalized plan.

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