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At NutriEats, we teach you how to eat properly and to lose weight the right way. We give you the tools and skills you will need to teach you how to eat properly. We calculate your caloric and macronutrient intake for you, giving you the numbers you should be eating. As everyone is different, we take an individualistic approach therefore your diet will be personalized to you and for you. Our personal consultation normally takes 2 hours. This where we take your measurements and calculate all your macronutrients for you and work out a plan for you with you there and then. Your plan will include recipe ideas, tips, and comprehensive recommended foods list. We also take the time to answer any questions you might have and dispel any myths.

6 Month Plan

This plan takes a more long-term approach to ensure you’re consistently and sustainably losing weight. We provide a full lifestyle audit, personal assessment and bespoke metabolism repair Meal plan to slowly repair metabolism based on current lifestyle & habits.Every 4 weeks we re-assess your progress and provide you with a new plan to boost your weight loss.

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