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It’s easy to just let go when you are on holiday because you want to relax, forget about your worries and experience new things. We show you


  1. Quality Over Quantity – Try to avoid buffets or bottomless spreads. When you are choosing where to eat, limited portion sizes can leave you feeling consciously satisfied and not overly-full. When we eat at buffets, we feel overwhelmed with choice and therefore have the tendency to over-fill our plate and want to get our money’s worth and returning for seconds, thirds and fourths. Remember – its quality over quantity!


  1. Save Space for Dessert – If you have a few sweet treats or that you would like to indulge in or try, make better choices for you main meal. For example, grilled seafood with veggies or salad is a good option if you really want to have that chocolate mousse. It’s all about leaving space for the things you want to indulge in so that you can enjoy them guilt-free, knowing that you haven’t over-done it.


  1. Avoid Unnecessary Add-ons – Unnecessary ingredients tend to add up. Things you should be on the look-out to avoid include salad dressings, bar snacks, table bread, syrups, croutons and various other condiments. Another thing you should note is there is no harm in asking for your food to be cooked in a little less oil, getting your salad dressing on the side and substituting salad/steamed veggies instead of fries.


  1. Don’t Drink your Calories – Did you know that a milkshake can have over 800 calories in it?  For the same amount of calories, you can eat a steak dinner! Drinking your calories (alcohol, dairy-based or other-wise) doesn’t fill you up the same way a meal would and leaves you wanting for more. If you are looking to enjoy a few drinks, substitute sugary, high calorie mixes with diet, sugar-free options or sparkling water.


  1. Stay Active – Holidays are not all about food. Try to occupy your time trying out fun, interesting activities. You don’t have to be in a hotel gym – you can go on hikes, walk about the town sightseeing, sign up for some water sports – the list is endless. Ask your hotel concierge what fun, local adventures are available!


  1. Prepare in advance – Pack some of your favourite familiar healthy snacks or protein bars. You never know, when travelling – you may feel famished in various circumstances and wont have to resort to unhealthy options because of lack of choice/availability  – these are always lifesavers that keep you satisfied until you have the choice to eat something nutritious and healthy.
  2. Guilt-free is stress free – Remember, at the end of the day you are on holiday – indulge a little and don’t feel guilty about letting your hair down. You may fall off the wagon slightly but remember you are human – the best you can do is balance it out. If you slip up a few times, don’t regret or dwell on it! Enjoy your holiday!
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