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NutriEats was created by us, Sonal and Arjan, after battling with our weight for many years. Determined to lose the weight, we both sifted through well-known ‘diets’, fads and ‘miracle super foods’ until we realized that the only way to lose weight permanently was to make it a part of our lifestyle.

NutriEats originally started as a personal food blog or us documenting our own food journeys and providing useful weight management information. As more and more friends and family came to us, we started to help others manage their diet and lifestyle.

This is how the NutriEats way was born. Using a combination of nutritional science and weight management techniques, we created the NutriEats formula, giving our clients the chance and choice of a healthier way of life. The NutriEats way works for everyone!

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Nairobi, Kenya
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